The granite man called today. He’s milling the stone. We’re hoping for a Wednesday install.

Shower tile is at the warehouse. Will pick it up tomorrow morning and try to finish tiling this week.

I’ve been doing some painting with Mellissa on an Integrity job. Sometimes relaxing. Sometimes frustrating.

House is making lots of noise with the weather changes. Hardwood is expanding and contracting a lot which is popping the glued tongue-and-groove edges. Trusses are lifting and falling with temperature fluctuations (no cracked joints yet). Driveway slabs are settling a bit but no cracking that I’ve noticed. Basement slab has slightly uplifted in one place and cracked in several spots, but that was to be expected since we cut no control joints. Heat pump has settled slightly out-of-level and is vibrating the foundation and floor joists enough to cause some rattling in the range. Caulk in siding joints has contracted and broken free of lap in several places–mostly on the south side which receives sun exposure and the most rain/wind.

I knew there would be plenty of fine-tuning over the next several years. The hard part now is listening to the popping, creaking, cracking, and all the other noises associated with new construction. Sometimes it wakes me up at night.

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