Stuff I’m taking to Crater Lake:

Tools (not shown: tire levers, spare tubes)

Tools (not shown: tire levers, spare tubes)

^^^Small chain lube; even smaller WD-40; blue Loctite; Sharpie with duct tape and electrical tape wrapped around; little baggie with valve core tool, cores, stem nut and cap; tire pump; Milwaukee hacksaw (accepts any Sawzall blade); 13mm long combo, 13mm short combo and 12mm short combo wrenches; baggie of tire patch kit and cloths; baggie of blue nitrile gloves; 24mm socket ½”-drive; 17mm & 16mm sockets ⅜”-drive; spark plug socket for front axle; E-12 Torx ⅜”-drive; T-45 Torx ⅜”-drive; 9mm socket ⅜”-drive; ⅜”-drive sliding T-handle; ⅜”-to-½” adapter; T-40, T-30 and T-25 Torx drivers; baggie with valve fishing tool; dial air gauge; Bead Buddy; ten 8″ zip ties. Not pictured are a 4″ ABS tool tube with front and rear spare tubes, one 17″ & two 9″ tire levers (spoons).


Tools fit in this little Craftsman bag I got on clearance for two dollars.

Tools fit in this little Craftsman bag I got on clearance for two dollars.

^^^The chain lube went into the tank bag, the tire pump went into the tool tube, and all the rest went into this little canvas bag.


Miscellaneous crap

Miscellaneous crap

^^^Baggie of emergency toilet paper; baggie of contact lens case and solution; antiperspirant; cheap shades; headlamp; helmet cable lock; breath mints; Leatherman micro tool; toothpaste and brush with handle cut short; two cargo straps; hard case for glasses; European cigarette lighter adapter with double USB; water; insect repellent; baggie with first aid; baggie with phone/headset charging cable; two bungees; 2×2 cedar block for breaking tire beads; baggie of fruit snacks and granola bars; a really good paperback book; emergency poncho; baggie with 12-volt tire pump (modified).


Some of my "miscellaneous crap" goes in the Giant Loop tank bag.

Some of my “miscellaneous crap” goes in the Giant Loop tank bag.

^^^In addition to things like water, snacks, sunglasses, etc., I also have a baseball cap, some quarters and other small items in the tank bag–things I don’t want to have to dig for in the panniers.


Everything needed for a trip to Crater Lake.

Everything needed for a trip to Crater Lake.

^^^Here’s most of what I’m taking minus flip-flops, sneakers, shorts, T-shirt and whatever motorbike gear I’ll be wearing. The Eureka is a one-person tent I bought at Cabela’s for about $120. It’s light, small, and very good quality for the price. The packed pole length is sixteen inches. The little Flexlite chair is awesome. I usually carry it everywhere I go on the motorbike. Got that at REI for about $60. Already mentioned my small Craftsman tool pouch, which I found as part of a 3-pack on clearance at Sears for $2 each. Cocoon air pillow has nylon one side and flannel on other. Very nice shape and size. Might buy one more at $25 apiece. Black bag is the Big Agnes Oak Street Air Pad 72 x 20 x 2.5 (mentioned in a previous post). I found this gem hiding on a shelf at REI behind all the expensive sleeping pads. This one was about $45. Blue compression sack holds a king-sized synthetic down comforter (previously on our bed). I decided against taking a sleeping bag because our cheap Coleman bags from Walmart just don’t compress enough. They’re too large for the way I’m trying to pack this time. Smaller dark orange stuff sack on far right is some rain/cold weather clothing (which I might sleep in, depending on nighttime temperature at Crater Lake). The two bright orange stuff sacks hold miscellaneous items mentioned above and cold temperature quilted liners for my First Gear Kathmandu riding jacket and pants.

I will see how this trip goes and hopefully will be able to eliminate some more things. I could probably leave the pillow behind and use clothing in a stuff sack, but that Cocoon pillow is smaller than a can of soda. I don’t really need a camp chair…could sit on a log or a rock or the ground…but it’s a luxury item. The sleeping pad? I’m just old enough and busted up enough to actually need that. I’m planning to load some music and podcasts on my phone to listen to while riding, but not bringing headphones so the book will help me fall asleep.

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  1. Adam says:

    That’s one place on my list to go see. Have a safe trip.

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