Crater Lake Trip

We rode about 540 miles round-trip from Stayton to Crater Lake and back.


^^^Here’s the basic route minus riding the rim drive and backtracking for fuel.

Samsung Galaxy S3 - Thielsen

^^^At the Diamond Lake Overlook with Mt. Thielsen in the background

Samsung Galaxy S3 - Bikes

^^^Three Suzukis and a BMW above Crater Lake

Samsung Galaxy S3 - Overlook

^^^Brandon, Marion and Scott climbed down to the cliff edge for photos at 900 feet above the lake

Samsung Galaxy S3 - Camp

^^^We had five riders in one campsite but didn’t exceed the four-tent maximum because Marion decided to sleep in a blue tarp

^^^Eureka! Midori Solo was a great tent. Easy set-up and plenty of floor space. Sitting up to change clothes I was brushing against the mesh, but that’s no big deal because there’s no condensation.

^^^The vestibule was great for storing all my riding gear and keeping it dry.

^^^Great thing about a solo tent is you never have to share!

Last-minute addition to my gear was a cheap Walmart pillow ($2.50) and I’m really glad I took it. I put the Cocoon inflatable pillow under it. Also, the king-size synthetic down comforter was great. I think the Big Agnes Oak Street Air Pad was very comfortable and never lost any air, but the insulation value was poor. I had the quilt doubled between me and the pad but still felt a bit chilly from below.

^^^Scott gave me a freeze dried dinner. It was actually pretty good. Much better than the MREs we choked down in The Army. I’ll probably take these on my next camping trip.

^^^We ate ate 10 Barrel in Bend on the way home. It was very hot and a long line, but the food was great and worth the wait. Scott and I had the mac ‘n’ cheese…excellent.

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