Route Planning 2

motorbike fare

Checking out Alaska Marine Highway System as a possible return route.
Closest port to Anchorage is Whittier.
I was thinking, Whittier to Bellingham then I’d ride to Spokane.
The US$769 [CA$958] fare is for the motorbike only.
Five days at sea.
No, thanks.
I’ll ride six days back to Spokane for a fraction of the cost.

Now it’s time to start planning the return route…by land.
Not a big fan of backtracking, so will try to cover new ground, where possible.

So far, it’s looking like I can have 17.5 days for this trip if I depart Friday after work and make my last day of travel Labor Day (a Monday).

Twelve days of planned route riding leaves me 5.5 days for the unexpected and exploring.

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