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For Sale

Finally put our house on the market in February. Finished the basement and misc. We hope it sells quickly. Farewell, Spokane. An Oregon house soon? Looking at various properties. Thought we’d never build again but… To quote somebody from the … Continue reading

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North Coast Soap Company

Check out North Coast Soap Company. Handmade soaps from good people on the Oregon coast. I’ve seen their operation and know they’re working hard to produce a quality product. These would make great gifts and they look good as guest … Continue reading

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Jasper NP – XT Pics

Took the old Canon Rebel XT to Jasper NP in Alberta, Canada. Snapped some shots, chose several to upload here. They’re not great…click for slightly larger photos.

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Ball #1

We did a bit of target shooting today. Shot the balls I got for Christmas (there’s a joke in there somewhere). Took some pics and videos [edit to remove link]. Will work on uploading those later. Here are two photos of … Continue reading

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Wintery Drinky Thingy

Weekend late-night, before bed, relaxing on the sofa, wrapped in a warm blanket, simultaneously watching a movie on Netflix and the falling snow outside my windows; I’m not a big drinker (anymore) but a lovely treat is a hot potion … Continue reading

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Snowshoeing 16 Jan 2016

No plan other than pointing the car toward Montana and driving until we found a place to hike. Pulled off the interstate at Fourth of July Pass but the road was too slick. Back on the freeway headed east, made a … Continue reading

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We drove seven miles south from our house to the James T. Slavin Conservation Area to do some light snowshoeing. Here’s a chart from showing the calorie-burning benefits of snowshoeing: 420-1046 per hour is awesome! We decided to ease into the … Continue reading

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