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Jasper NP – XT Pics

Took the old Canon Rebel XT to Jasper NP in Alberta, Canada. Snapped some shots, chose several to upload here. They’re not great…click for slightly larger photos. Advertisements

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Snowshoeing 16 Jan 2016

No plan other than pointing the car toward Montana and driving until we found a place to hike. Pulled off the interstate at Fourth of July Pass but the road was too slick. Back on the freeway headed east, made a … Continue reading

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We drove seven miles south from our house to the James T. Slavin Conservation Area to do some light snowshoeing. Here’s a chart from showing the calorie-burning benefits of snowshoeing: 420-1046 per hour is awesome! We decided to ease into the … Continue reading

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It Works!

I bought a headlight restoration kit at Walmart thinking it was a gimmick but worth trying. Cost was $23+ at Walmart Top pic has driver side light polished but passenger side is still fogged. Bottom pic shows both lights with … Continue reading

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Bought pulley kits at Harbor Freight for $10 each. Will swap the ropes for better next spring. Nice to have the kayaks out of the way.

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Lady turned corner too fast, onto icy road, and hit our Subaru (parked at a jobsite)

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